Girls... why do you look at guys?

Often when I´m walking around I notice that many girls look at me and a smile comes to there face or they start laughing. Like girls who are alone laugh at me. When I'm on the bus and I notice some girls look at me for a second and will do everything in their power to not look at me. its very obvious but it they think I don't notice. and even when the bus is completely full no one will sit next to me. I have problems with waitresses to. it seems like they can't look me in the eye or they ignore me. so can anyone explain to me why this is. am I just a monster? or fugly? or whatever

and school is a completely different story. it seems like people only have bad things to say or do. but I'm told I'm not ugly but when random people do this I have to disagree with them.

it really makes me feel bad when they do this so I want to know why. I know you can not tell me if it is because I look bad but if any of you want to know I will put up a pic.

sorry for adding those pics really late. I'm computer retarded. Please don't laugh to hard cause I get the impression I'm not very good looking


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  • I'm not sure why someone would do that, but maybe it's because they are intimidated by you, or are nervous. That could be why they laugh (because nervous people tend to laugh a lot) and why they might try to avoid your gaze. Why they would be nervous or intimidated, I'm not sure. =\

    • Maybe but I don't think so. last person to laugh at me was in their 20s. I'm 16. I don't think I could have intimidated them. but thanks for the answer

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    • Sure, id love to add you. I have yet to add any one so if you don't get anything, its cause I'm computer retarded

    • Thank you =]. I got your request, we are now officially friends! .. lol, "computer retarded" ^^

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  • i don't do that. I focus on my job or whatever I'm doing. those are what I call 'crazy b*tches'. you ignore them, act like they don't exist, and if you want to , change up your style but don't let these lame ass low life people bother you

  • stop getting styling tips of your friends look in some mags or browse the net for styling tips if you must, working on your body language could help to but I would not say there laughing at your looks I reckon you could prob scrub up quite well hope this helps :)

    • Oh 1st pik ok second and 3rd pik idk

    • Thanks for your honesty, all those were when I was on vacation. no comb there lol

  • without a pic couldn't help it might not be you in general but maybe your style, I have seen some really wearied styles tho I have never laughed at them for it.

    • Thanks for the answer but I'm pretty sure its not my style. I'm fashion retared so I had some friends (who are girls) help me

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    • I will work on that because I don't have any of me cause I think I am a monster. I mainly want to know if you would do any of this to some one you thought was ugly?

    • No I would not.

  • They do that because their stupid and they have no lives just try not 2 pay attention to them. they just dumb ass people who are insecure about them self so they make other people feel bad so they can feel good. I look at a guy when I think he's cute and I'll smile at him or if a guy is doing something funny I'll look and laugh but I don't judge. put up a picture I want 2 see what you look like.

    • Thanks for the answer. I try my best to ignore it but it seems like these people are everywhere so its hard to ignore them. ill try to upload a photo but I'm camera and computer retarded. lol

    • No problem. I'm glad to have helped you and if you need any more advice send me a message and I'll reply

  • I never smile at any guys but once... I was not very interest in any guys at all. I just needed times and wanted to be myself then getting into relationship. I hate getting involed with two couples. Just get me p*ssed off! ><


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