What kind of swimshorts do you prefer on men?

  • first
    23% (3)38% (3)29% (6)Vote
  • second
    77% (10)62% (5)71% (15)Vote
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  • I would usually say the second, but that guy makes the first look so good haha

    • haha, yes! I think it's the muscular thighs that makes the first look so extremely good... not many guys have muscular thighs --> they look better in the second.. what do you think?

    • It's true, a lot of guys work on the chest and stomach and have skinny thighs. He's definitely got nice thighs!
      I actually prefer the first out of these two.

    • my bf has thigh like the first guy.. but sadly he refuses to wear the first 😢 he looks worse than skinny legged guys in surfer shorts in my opinion because his thighs makes the shorts look stuffed instead of baggy o_O

What Guys Said 3

  • Oh dont mind me, im just here to see the results

    • So far there's none tho :(

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    • Alright I'll keep that in mind... the only greek food Ivendors had is baklava. I'm usually not big on sweets but it's pretty good.


    • yeah, i had it... not a fan of them.
      I love their grilled fish, grilled octopus etc. I don't know if they use other spices/herbs, but they make everything taste extra good! xD

  • If I looked like #1 I'd wear that too, but most men look like this.


    So I doubt it'll work.

    • haha... I've seen men like him wear them too! it isn't much of a difference and frankly he'd look funny in surfer shorts too...

      I've seen buff guys who wore surfer shorts... and I've seen skinny but toned guys wear the tight ones.. they all looked good.

  • The first... um... swimwear. ^ _ ^'
    They both look like some kind of swimming trunks, except the first ones are way shorter and more close-fitting. That's good, cuz it makes the butt look better. ♡ I'd like to wear something similar, lol. Or even skimpier. :x

    • oh hey dani! ^^
      yes, that's true.. and nicely tanned thighs for once too ^^ do guys in finland mostly wear the first or the second or something in between?
      looool try speedo xD

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    • A G-string, lol! :D
      I prefer a bit more fabric in the back, but I could wear a thong – would make my booty look good! ♡ I wonder where could I find a thong my size, awwhh... The swim briefs I have look like this (except they're all-black):
      I guess they're kinda like a speedo – didn't even think of that, lol. :S

    • haha xD if you're not shy at all, you should get these media4.onsugar.com/.../...a5986c80b015_speedos.jpg black is boring xD

What Girls Said 4

  • The board shorts, even though the first is looking good

    • I used to think the same... until I saw all those hotties wearing the first kind in Greece xD

    • I still like two on a guy

    • sure.. not trying to change your mind. i like both too, just the first one a little better now

  • Second for sure. The first is kind of gross.

  • 2 is my preference, can I have the guy wearing the shorts too please :3

  • I'd say the second but not with that pattern.
    but the first one would be okay too