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What does it mean if a guy likes to look at pics of women in lingerie, but is never (or has never been) interested in seeing his wife wear it? Together 2 years, married 2 months. Lots of pics, but never her. There's even a bag that has some in it with the tags still on them, on her closet door, and she said he's never once been interested in seeing her in any of it, and he knows it's there...continues to look at the pics of other women though. What does this mean? Please answer with your opinions.


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  • As long as he likes you in plain underwear or nude (or dressed) , there's no problem. If he looks at pics, it could be compared to reading a car magazine: it's not because he looks at the pictures of a Porsche or Corvette that he will dump his beloved car ;)


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  • maybe he thinks it would be pushy or rude to ask you to wear it. He probably doesn't want you to think that he could even catagorize you with some skank out of a book. So surprising him probably would be best. A lot of times men really want their wives to do certain things in bed, but they're afraid to ask. They don't want to seem disrespectful. I'd try surprising him if I were you

  • If you have it sitting there why not surprise him in it? He obviously likes it if he is looking at it. My fiance never expressed an interest in it but after the first time I wore it he wanted to pick out more. He loves it.

  • maybe he is the one that likes wearing them! yea that's right he may be a freakin weirdo that looks at photos and imagines himself wearing them.