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seriously I don't know what guys want I need some answers I think I am fun I am easy to get along with and I'm not that super picky girl who knows exactly what they want their guys to look like I just want some insight guys...


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  • What do guys look for in a serious relationship? >>> link

    What do guys look for in a girl? >>> link

    What are the major turnoffs for guys? >>> link

    What physical appearances do these guys look for? >>> link


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  • Guys and girls are generally the same. On the base level everyone wants to have fun and feel good about themselves. On a deeper level everyone wants to be cared for and supported, while also being able to take care of and support someone else.

  • Guys are more than just appearance. I mean, obviously there has to be a physical attraction- but a real guy is deep down inside. Guys are caring, guys are sensitive and sweet. I know at least I am. I was taught well by my father who has been happily married now for 30 years. People age, people get fat, etc.. but the person doesn't change. Guys like humble and independent girls. Someone who isn't clingy, or needy. Is self-sufficient. Obviously fun, and has some sex appeal.


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