How to start "lookin' good"?

Still looking for a girl I can date, I'm also looking for tips in style. (Preferably from girls)
With a face like mine, what would you suggest I wear to attract and,(if possible), impress the ladies? What kind of clothes and hair styles do you like the best, and which of each would you guess are the most popular?


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  • I was gonna say to lose the glasses, get contacts, but other people have given you good advice on different styles of glasses. I'd suggest trying both cause you'll still need glasses for when you can't wear contacts. I don't think that hairstyle works well with your face, it'd work on some guys but it's not working that well. I think you need something more clean cut. Also keep good care of your teeth and try smiling with them. Mustaches aren't all that attractive, I don't know for sure but I think if you shaved that and kept your beard a little more clean cut it'd help a lot. I know a lot of girls that don't like full grown beards but find a little scruff VERY hot. you seem kind, so that's good. chest hair isn't very attractive just saying. if you are going to where polos i think you should button one button. Also I know for men your age women like suits. Personally though, I like the hipster style with like flannels and all that. The other people here have given good tips on style so far, if I knew what style you wanted to have (more young looking or more sophisticated?) I know a lot of college guys wear ralph lauren, so maybe try something from there. Also, an interesting thing would be if you took the tips from all of us and then posted a picture of the "new" you!


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  • I hear ambition is a charming feature now and days.


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  • -Lose those glasses. Rock the black framed rectangular style.
    -Either get a haircut or start styling your hair differently.
    -As long as you have good teeth, start showing them when you smile.

    • -I do. That's a fairly old shot I need updated...
      -What kind of haircut/style, though?
      -I'm too shy/unsure about my teeth to...

  • Read GQ! Workout! Emulate celebrities until you find your own style. Be confident, fake it if you have to. Read and learn as much as you can. Develop your sense of humor and smile often.

  • Loose the glasses and shave, go to a barbershop and get a haircut, wear t-shirts or shirts...