Why would he do this?

I was babysitting this little boy and walking down the street... his neighbor (who's a teenage guy about my age) goes by on his bike and while he goes by us takes off his cap and hides his face with it... and then once he passed us put it back on his face...all in one smooth motion... Once he passed us, the Little boy said "Hey that's 'Joe' "...

but why would this guy do that? I don't even know him or ever talked to him but I have seen him around... and I'm not over analyzing... it was really obvious...plus, once he was farther down the road, he looked back at us.

So why would he do that?

I hope that makes sense... :S


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  • I wouldn't be surprised if when he noticed you ahead of him on the street, he thought the little boy you were with might call to him, and feeling too shy to be pulled into a conversation with you, made an attempt to avoid it. Either that, or he might have been playing a little game, thinking this would both get your attention, and somehow intrigue you. Young guys do some odd things when faced with unexpected attention from the opposite sex. lol.


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  • He may just be really shy and felt the need to hide behind his cap. I use to do the same thing around that age.


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  • Maybe he thinks you're cute but had some horrible pimple or something on his face, that he didn't want you to see. That's the only possible explanation I can think of.