Clothes shopping for guys?

Hi! I'm going shopping with my boyfriend and some friends soon, and the boys don't have the greatest fashion sense. So, girls, what kind of clothes do you like most on guys? And guys, what do you like wearing?


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  • If you're shopping for someone else I'd stick with v-necks and polos to be safe.
    These are never bad looks and are very versatile (can be styled up or down depending on their style)

    for pants cargos and jeans are always good choices. For jeans Levi's are always a safe brand to go with.

    But I'd seriously let them pick out what they like as far as less basic clothing goes. Most guys have a particular brand that they're interested in (such as Huf, Stussy, Levi, Maiden Noir, Supreme, or UNDFTD) that they're into and they usually just get clothes from that particular brand from what I've seen, but I know that gets expensive so I don't know what to say about that, but plain v-necks and polos are always pretty safe maybe get them a couple of button down shirts too.


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  • i don't give a shit what i wear in winter because i always wear a leather jacket when i go out which covers my clothes inside.

  • I like wearing shirts and cardigans


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