What should I text him?

What should I text this guy that I have been texting to make sure he will text me back. Something sexy. Guys what do you like girls to text you saying?


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  • I have tried everything under the sun to get my guy to text me back and have an actual conversation with me, nothing worked. I even asked him to go lingerie shopping with me...I mean what guy doesn't want to see a girl in sexy little outfits, and possibly get to be in the dressing room...but apparently my guy isn't very sexually enthused at the moment. Cause nothing sexy works! I was reduced to finally just waiting until he noticed I wasn't texting him like normal so he would text me...and even then our most interesting conversation was about fruit. WOW...


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  • "Hey, guess what I'm wearing."

    That should do it.

    • Then when he says what. What should I say lol what would a guy like

    • Lol, well yo could go to ways, depending on what your relationship is with him. You could be funny and say somthing funny or weird and make it a joke to just mess with him OR you could go for the sexy approach and say "Nothing at all, I wish you were here..." or somthing like that depending on what message you are trying to get across heheh.

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  • I think you being yourself should be enough motivation for a guy to text you back. Don't worry about trying to be sexier for him so that you catch his attention. Then his intentions might be in the wrong place. Ditch the deusche and text the guy who doesn't mind texting you without the idea of sex in his mind. =)