What is Your Favorite Outfit to Wear?

Please describe it.


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  • I have a couple of favorites, actually. The first one for spring and summer would be a sundress with a pink, yellow, brown, and tangerine floral pattern on it. It has thick straps and sort of plunges into a deep V neckline, and the skirt goes to the knee. I wear it with a light peach knit bolero and red ballet flats. I also accessorize it with a double string pearl necklace and a pearl bracelet.

    For winter, I love wearing my charcoal gray sweater dress. It has short sleeves and a Cowell neck. The skirt goes slightly above the knee, and I wear black leggings under it. I accessorize the dress with a wide black leather belt with a silver buckle, and I wear my scalloped black heels with it. ^-^


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  • I have a corset top,a whispy,black chiffon pleated short skirt.black patent peep toe pumps,nude or beige hose,and I'm off.That's my go to "killer"outfit.

  • i love rly sexy tops or blouses, I like those tops that leave ur back uncovered, or those blouses that are "transparent" with a rly nice bra or with another tank (I don't actually know how they are called XD) below.

    long dresses are cool too