At what length do you find a girl's hair too long?

Self explanatory really. How much long hair is too long? I want to grow my hair out, right now it hits me at my breasts, I want to know what length do guys think is too long. For me personally I was thinking to grow it up my waist, just below the breast, anything past that is too long for me. What do you guys think? How long is too long and becomes are turn off?


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  • your hair is just barely to the stage to be called "long" its ok there down to just above your ass is a good comfortable long hair for a girl , as for longer it isn't really a turn off unless you start tripping over it

    The turn off is when the girl cuts her hair say shoulder length or even shorter which make her lose that feminine appeal IMHO

    Point is if you want to grow your hair longer go for it ! Long hair on a girl is a turn on and not a turn off for most guys


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  • When it goes over the butt, then I think it's a bit of overkill.

  • Over the butt.