Do you think Asian girls look good with long, curly hair?

lots of asian women have short hair. but mine is too curly and thick to be short, so it's long and curly; kind of like this: link

do you think it looks good on asians?


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  • All of my Asian friends have hair at least to their shoulders. So its normal to me for them to have longer hair.

  • Asian girls could look good with long curly hair. I don't see why they wouldnt? If the hairstyle suits her facial shape which it likely would because most people can have long hair and some type of curl...then I think it would be good for her. I have seen Asian girls with long straight hair before so why not curly?

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    I'm sure it looks great.

  • I like the long strait hair, but I've seen an asian girl with strait hair but with kind of wavy curls, kinda hard to describe, but it was gorgeous!

  • I thing really curly hair is really hot...Get it. All the guys will be tripping over themselves to get to you.