How do I flirt even though I don't like him?

So there's these twins and they are extremely gorgeous, they're always flirting with me and telling me I'm cute and saying I'm their girlfriend, and everyday before I go home one asks me for a hug ( the other ones girlfriend is usually there ). they both have gfs btw, I don't like them I just think they're hot, and when they flirt with me I get really shy and start to blush, and yesterday one of them noticed and said " awww look how shy she is she's blushing ". how do I flirt back with them without being awkward?


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  • I think it's already awkward if their GFs are hanging around with you. If you don't really like them don't flirt with them it's bound to get complicated if you keep it up.


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  • hmm, they probably think its cute that ur so shy. since ur having an awkward time flirting why not turn the flirt into a joke...