Do guys care what you wear?

I'm in high school and everyone tries so hard to look great. do guys really even notice?


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  • You know something guys don't really care how you look quick example that happened to me the other day I looked like s*** well at least I felt I did lol but to my surprise more people noticed me and tried to hit on me than when am wearing make-up and dressed nice..They rather see you in jeans and a shirt with no make-up on than looking the same like everyone else,They like girls that standout from the rest,That has a different style..But don`t get me wrong obviously if your going to a party or any special event you should dress appropriately but always leave out the make-up only if you need it that bad..Cause when a girl is pretty she will look pretty with or without it..


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  • I never noticed clothes, just jewellery and their interests

  • lol, I don't notice like every single girl and what they're wearing, but I notice a lot of them.

  • all they notice is either how tight it is or how much skin ur showing

    but by no means should you do that to get guys attn. its not the attn you would like anyways

  • in high school, I wear what feels comfortable, even what I wore the day before... and the day before that... and the day before that. No one payed attention to me so it really didn't matter.

    sometimes I woke up on a friday and thought, today I wanna look good, and throw a dress shirt on over what I'd usually wear and feel all nice and shiny all day.


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  • it depends on the guy. if he is a shallow guy then he'll judge solely on looks. one of my friends, he's genuinely appreciative of agirl with style but however he isn't the type to pick apart an outfit, it really depends on the guy. that's from my experience

  • Here's a pretty good example...

    I babysit some kids when they are done school and this guy that's a little younger than me and lives on my street gets off the bus usually at the same time...(different bus)... when the buses come at the same time, he'll always wave at me or something... The other day I felt like crap, it was raining... I had on a big hoody and sweat pants that do not fit well, plus a big rain jacket while holding the kid's dog waiting at the bus stop... he got off the bus, gave me the BIGGEST smile and waved at me all happy to see me... I don't think he even noticed what I was wearing... so quite honestly, I don't think guys notice...

    As Charlieissocool said

    "The people that mind don't matter

    and the people that matter don't mind" At least he quoted it in his Acne song... ;)

    Good luck, and don't worry about it too much! :)

  • Yes but they usually notice fit rather than how fashionable something is.