For those that watch The Hills: Do you think Kristin is a bitch?

I actually don't think she's a bitch I think she's one of the only real females on the show. Audrina is really dumb to me. She got played by Justin Bobby for years, she needs to just get over it. Kristin probably knows how to handle him unlike her. Also I didn't like how last season she had the nerve to get made at Jade for getting mad at her when she was acting inappropriate with Brody. What did she expect? Most of the girls on this show frustrate me, especially Audrina and Heidi...I love Kristin because she doesn't take sh*t and can handle herself.

What are your thoughts? Excited about the upcoming season?


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  • I only started watching it a few months ago so I've been watching all the past seasons on the internet and I still haven't watched them all yet. So I don't get why Lauren hates Kristin, but I think she seems a bitch. I love Audrina but she has awful taste in men-Justin is a complete twat. I hate Heidi-she is so far up her own bum and also has the worst taste in men. It's like her and Spencer live in this weird little bubble. It won't be as good now Lauren has gone. Although, most of it is fake and done for entertainment so in real life they could be alright. Apart from Heidi.


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  • i think heidi is horrible. I mean I think she only married for money and shouldnt have married spencer at all because he's a jerk and doesn't care about heidis sister or mom at all!

    and doesn't really care about his own sister. I think he just cares about himself and that's it.

    Heidi was a lot better off with LC then spencer. and yea audrina needs to open her eyes with justin bobby even tho I love her eyes =) I think kristen is however because of everything that happened at Laguna and what she did to LC and Heidi and such.


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  • I used to watch the hills then it just go old after a while so I stopped watching it but I like LC a lot better then Kristin she's just a wanna be of LC.