What does it mean when a bunch of unattractive girls like you?

OK so if a bunch of ugly girls (I'm not saying there not amazing girls just unattractive) like you does that mean your on there level? Like if an unattractive girl thinks she can get with you does that mean your on there level? Because like the only girls that I know like me aren't attractive but I just started a new school so maybe that's why? Maybe hotter chicks aren't as forward or something? Because I do believe myself to be good looking and I am pretty confident. Or maybe every guy has a group of unattractive girls following them around?


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  • Ok, that's kinda like the situation I was in last year. A bunch of geeks and not-so-hot guys would just randomly come up to me and start a small conversation while my friends laughed. But maybe there are some better looking girls that like you but don't show it. I mean, even I can be that way sometimes. Oh, you should so take that as a compliment! Trust me, a lot of girls like guys that are confident and hot. But not like overly confident and full of themselves. Anyway, real answer is: It doesn't mean anything bad but that you must be good looking to have a BUNCH of girls like you. It mainly just means that your hot!

  • If the only girls who like you are unattractive then you're probably unattractive yourself. Ugly people usually like attractive people so that alone doesn't mean you're ugly, but if they are the only ones who desire you and you can't get the attention of "hot chicks" or girls who are pretty then you're on their level. Confidence is good but if you're not that hot there is only so much it can do. Like I'm sure out of all the ugly girls that like you, at least one of them has confidence, but that still doesn't magically make her pretty. It works the same way for guys.


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