I am so sick of hearing that woman over 40 should dress a certain way.

I am so sick of hearing that woman over 40 should dress a certain way My question is : Is there really somewhere written how I should dress as I get older?


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  • I think it's more that women of a certain age simply look BETTER in certain styles than they do in others. People also say "She shouldn't be wearing that" about a very overweight 25-year-old in tiny shorts. I think that, at any age, there is an unwritten rule that we all should dress in what flatters our bodies and covers us appropriately, and to do otherwise would be considered distasteful or even obscene.

    I think there's also the assumption that women in your age range are mothers, and so should dress in a way that is appropriate to be around children. Most people would feel uncomfortable at the sight of a kindergarten teacher in daisy dukes, bare tummy and massive cleavage, even if she has a perfect body.

    • But not all women of a certain age look the same. Many are in better shape than 20 and 30 year olds. And you are on the right track when you say all women of wevery age should dress in what flatters and covers appropriately. What is frustrating is that 40 something women are always being told what they should and shouldn't wear, while its the 20 somethings that are assaulting our senses with their ho-bag outfits. Many are out of shape too. It should always be about body appropriateness not age

    • Yes, you're right, but I don't agree that 20-somethings can get away with wearing whatever they want. People notice if a person looks ridiculous because of the way she's dressed, no matter what age.


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  • Yes, it's the 11th commandment.

  • Wear what you feel good in :)

  • i think they say that because pretty much no girl in her 40's has the same assets when she was 20 so they 'have' to wear something different

    but it is a bit awkward when you see a 40 year old wearing something a 20 something would be wearing

    how would you feel if a 40 something guy wore a wife beater?

    • I have seen some older well taken care of men in wife beaters and they looked pretty hot

    • That would depend on the 40 year old guy. Is it Hugh Jackman? He's hawt.

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  • No. These rules are actually unwritten societal rules tied to age stereotyping. Older people are supposed to be conservative, understated, and asexual. Why? Because they're old, out of shape, unhealthy and should be concerned with serious things - not frivolous things like fashion or looking good. Who are they trying to impress anyway? They can't impress anyone because everyone knows they're old and unattractive.

    And if they are attractive, they should still tone it down because they had their turn and now it's time for young people to shine on stage. Any attempt by older people to signal through their clothing that they are not conservative, understated, or asexual is met with ridicule, pity, and accusations of "trying to recapture their youth" or "trying to compete" with their daughters (I had no idea you were competing with anyone when trying to look good and express your style).

    If I had to put this in a nut shell I would say that typically older women are not seen as good looking or sexy - in fact they are regarded as the opposite - wrinkled, flabby, and gross to look at. For those who don't get that, they are told what to wear so they don't assault our collective senses with their gross giggly oldness.