I am a man and I like make up

I just like make up and girls who wear a lot of make up.. I also would love to learn how to apply make up...Who can help?


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  • If you're really interested you could take some makeup classes.

    Go to the MAC counter and ask for tips on male makeup. If you're going to buy something or they think you are, you will get a lot of help lol

    I don't typically go for guys in makeup but if he is confident in it and it matches his style he can. I had an old friend that was kind of a rocker type and he would wear smokey black liner, it was sexy in a weird way lol. Just keep it to eyeliner unless you're really flamboyant and you want that "guy-barbie/finished" look


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  • try youtube tutroials for makeup there's lots out there and they have detailed tutorials.

    • Is it ok for a guy to wear make up? What would be too much..?

  • Try googling it... some styles are ok for guys who wear makeup... personally I don't like it.


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