Do You Guys ACTUALLY Do This??

ok so I wanted to know if a lot of guys actually do smell chicks underwear for pleasure. really.. to me. its really creepy and something a stalker would do. it just creeps me out. so do a lot of guys actually do this? cause I find it hard to believe a lot of guys do..


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  • I JUST got done reading this question about a guy who sniffed his mom's underwear, so it's kind of funny that this is one of the first questions I see after that...

    According to my 20 year old brother, he doesn't know any guys that do this. But I suppose it's like any other fetish -- it may be a little outside the norm, but there are always going to be some people that are into it. Personally, I don't see why any guy would want to smell a girl's underwear ... if they actually have a smell, I can't imagine it'd be good.

    • Ahah that's why I'm asking. because he said a lot of guys do it.. so now I'm seeing if that's true


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  • I've never done it but it is not that uncommon to happen.

    • Idunno. it just relle seems creepy to me lol

    • Yea its kinda natural though, you see dogs sniffing each other all the time. But yea it is kinda weird.

  • Well I like the smell of my girls naughty parts when I am down on her, so I could see why a guy might do that.. Its just the smell of sex that is arousing.


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  • i also read that story about tht guy with Moms underwear its pretty weird to me too

    but I saw that in movies that men like to sniff the panties..but I think its a little creepy yet as long as its not a stalker or a rapist who is doing this and he is my boyfriend or husband or whatever then am fine with it!

    • Yea that guy with moms underwear is just a troll

      its not real cause he posted up the story many times before

    • Who cares if it was true or not lol its funny but even if its not true he thought about it .. which means he also likes to sniff panties! right?