What does a guy look for in a girl?

Now I know, this question is probably asked many many times. But what does a guy look for in a girl?

If you are from the ages of like 16-19 are your preferences of a girlfriend different?

How about if you are from the ages of 20-25?

Or how about from 25+? --

are guys at different ages differ in preferences ?

or do all guys have a universal traits that they look for in a girl?

and how does the different age group see "beauty" in a girl?

Thank you everyone :)


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  • do different ages entail different preferences? (yes)


    - "beauty" is most highly valued at this age

    - looking for someone "hot" to show off to their friends the caliber of girl that finds them sexually desirable

    - looking for multiple girls just to have sex to validate their concept of how sexually desirable they are to the opposite sex

    (period; that's it)


    - lack of "beauty" can disqualify; but its mere presense is no longer enough to qualify a girl

    - start becoming aware and more interested in character and personality

    - a dishonest, exploitative, or manipulative nature will disqualify a girl

    - looking for emotional affection, caring, comfort, love and warmth

    - looking for someone to have fun with (activities, travel, intimate moments, etc)

    - looking for someone to have a great sex life with

    - looking for someone who isn't dependent on him (financially)

    - looking for someone who is doing something with her life (career/education)


    - lack of "beauty" may no longer disqualify a girl

    - a demanding and unappreciative attitude, or sense of entitlement can disqualify a girl

    - emotional affection, caring, comfort, love and warmth can be enough to qualify a girl

    - someone fun is an added bonus, but no longer as important

    - sex is still important, but lack of a great sex life (frequent/passionate) may no longer disqualify a girl

    - looking for someone who is already somewhere in her life (career/education)

    - looking for someone who can contribute to the family (ie. earns more than she spends, can control her desire to spend on things she wants for the good of the family)

    - looking for someone who will make a good mother; (because he wants to start a family)

    universal traits?

    - physical appearance

    - sexual desire (someone practically asexual is the same as someone cheap; what's the point of being hot or rich if you're asexual or cheap?)

    - caring, sweetness, warmth, and REAL emotional intimacy

    - someone on the same level (similar interests, ways of thinking, great chemistry)

    - a deep interpersonal connection, where you both feel close to one another

    - productive; someone who will ADD to your life.. not TAKE AWAY from it..

    - motivating; someone who makes you WANT to make them happy, and take care of them; and realize your full potential.. someone who makes you feel like you can move mountains when they're next to you

    - communication; someone who communicates, not manipulates.. someone who compromises, not demands until they get their way.. someone who understands you.. respects you.. and who is happy when you're happy.. and upset when you're upset.. so that nobody feels used or taked advantage of.. or ignored.. so that every step in life feels like you're making it as a team.. together..

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      I love that you included "REAL emotional intimacy". A lot of people do not understand the concept of emotional intimacy and how important that is to having a relationship as time goes on.

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      I guess I'm the only one who disagrees with you.

      Heaps of points in the 30+ range apply to me, same with the 20-29 range and none in the 15-19.

      Either you're overgeneralising (is that even a word?) or "I'm mature beyond my years" : D

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      I'm sure you are a more mature and it's a perspective things at times. It also goes with how we are raised