Calling all the guys and the curly haired girls! Should I?

My hair is curly. Not too curly yet curly enough not to be called wavy. I mean I have locks just not really small locks and my hair is really thick. The question is, should I cut it? I've always wanted to try cutting it shoulder length or a bit shorter but the problem is that when I was younger and my hair was short it looked like a Christmas tree. 😐 why am I thinking of trying again? Well I didn't really know how to take care of my hair when I was young. In other words I used to brush it until it puffed and not put gel or mouse on it. Girls will it look nice or will I look like a tree again? Anybody with experience can help me? Guys do you prefer long or short hair? Mine reaches just above my waist now. Thanks for the help!


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  • short hair is nice but its hard for some girls to pull it off.


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  • I think you should style them but don't cut them way too short, I looked like a girl with hay stack on my head, so I suggest that don't crop them too short.

    • How short was your hair? Where did it reach?

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    • Yeah I think I do :p thanks for the answer!

    • Your welcome :)