How can I blow dry my hair with some volume?

My hair is naturally curly, i want to put some product in it to give it some nice volume after i blow dry it.
Will my hair get curly if i put some product in it?
Thanks :)


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  • My hair are naturally a frizzy wavy mess, so I used to use a straightening iron. Lately I've been into the more natural look and I've been using L'OREAL PARIS Line Studio Silk&Gloss. It's a spray I apply after washing my hair and both when I blow dry it and let it dry naturally the result is the same. It has nice volume and I have nice shaped waves. I definetely recommend it! :)


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  • yeah if you put some mousse or curling gel in it, it should help. and if you blow dry your hair upside down for a bit, it'll help add some lift and volume :D

  • Blow dry your hair upside down for natural volume :)