When guys meet girls in clubs, are they looking mostly just to hook up?

I meet this guy in a club the other night, we danced a little, talked a little (about as much as you can talk in a club) than he started trying to kiss me. I resisted slightly, but he was cute so I kissed him back. We ended up kissing the whole night, and surprisingly he didn't try to do anything more which was nice. When the night ended him and his friends were trying to get me to stay out later with them but I had to go home so he gave me his number and I texted him yesterday to give him my number.

I haven't got any reply yet so I am wondering if he was interested in me, or just wanted to hook up.


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  • The Club Scene environment.. isn't a very good place to "look" for relationships. Or at least for most men.. I'm guessing they're looking to get laid. Of course there are some guys out there that go to clubs to look for women to get relationships.. But if you want an actual relationship with a stranger you just met... Go somewhere else like a club, library, or a store.


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  • 1. he doesn't remember u.. or 2. he was looking to get laid :)

  • If I'm out at a club, I'm looking to get laid.

    • When your looking for sex, do you commit to one girl and try your best to get lucky with her... or do you dance with different girls until you find one you know you will be successful with?

    • No, my friends and I usually interact with a group of girls. We each kind of pick one to have a conversation with and then everyone talks to each other. One ends up usually connecting with a girl, so that leaves the remainder and you work off that.

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