Girls, what's your first impression of guys with short beards?

We all know beards are hip lately, but this trend has perplexed me a bit. I'm young looking 33 year old that usually dates girls in their mid to late 20s. My ex said she wasn't crazy about my beard at first (during 2013 movember), but she grew to like it... then loved it to the point she told me never to shave it. I've been single for six months and I usually grow my beard out for 2 weeks, shave and repeat.

I do find I get more respect from other dudes when I have beard, but I am on the look out to find a new girl. How do short beards fare for first impressions... especially for women 23 to 29? Should I shave it took look younger (I have been told that I have a "boyish" look)


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  • it honestly depends on your face. some guys look fuckin' scary WITHOUT beards covering up 75% of their face. Lol. Others, it accentuates masculinity. Some people just look awful with beards. So really, don't follow the trend. Really assess what works on your face, what makes you most attractive. The clean shaven look is just as hot as having a shadow or a slight beard.

    • message me and I'll send u some pics


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  • All beards of all shapes and sizes are attractive.. To me at least. It's just plain sexy.

  • In my opinion short beards make guys look so fkn hot! Like i can't even exaggerate.


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