Hair dying problem. please help?

I dyed my hair black a while ago (around September ) and im feeling like dying my hair a light Brown/dark blonde. Well I've tried lifting the color four times And there's more like highlights in my hair of brown. On top of that i have light brown roots bc i left bleach on them for 2-3 hours.

So should i try leaving bleach on my hair for 2-3 hours? Or will dying my hair a light brown show up on black hair?

Please help.


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  • Why are you willing to use bleach in order to dye it dark blonde/light brown? You will end up destroying your hair shaft.
    "I left bleach on them for 2-3 hours. " NO, NO, NO! Don't do that EVER again.
    Anyway, I'd recommend you to use a dye 1 or 2 shades lighter than the one you're trying to achieve. And for heaven's sake do NOT use bleach.
    Also do not use a 40 developer unless you're going for platinum blonde hair. Use a 30 instead.
    Good luck.


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  • Cut a strip that isn't noticable and test it out first.


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  • Don't use bleach. You'll just kill your hair that way. I'd try dying it brown again first. If that doesn't work, there are things they sell to get hair dye out. The other day I was in Ulta and I saw a box on the hair color aisle with a box for hair dye removal. Im sure you could find one online.

    • Okay I guess i didn't usr bleach. It was 40 developer. I bought the stuff at Sally beauty to lift the color from my hair but its not working

  • You should never leave it on for more than is advised, and either way, it doesn't help. You'll just have to buy a shitload of bleach packages and just dye until it's blonde. After that, dye it with the colour you want it to be.