Pls give me some ideas to dress better?

i have a big tummy and big arm. it just makes me not comfortable and lack of confidence. i'd really wish i could dress up nicely, but i can't. i want to do diet but it's just to hard for me. i do diet but it always only last for a week or 2 week not more than that. can you pls give me some tips to dress better? my height is 156 and my weight is 60 :((


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  • 60kg is not fat, that's literally like perfect. Not big and not scrawny. So don't think that you look bad. I think you are perfect just the way god made you. But as for clothes, not sure my opinion is shared by all others but I think that you can't beat jeans and a T-shirt. Especially the blue jeans though. I think they are very cute on girls. Maybe a tank top and jean shorts if it's real warm where you are


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  • Hey! First, some advices on diet etc: if you want to lose weight, the best way is to either eat less or eat more vegetables instead and exercise (if you have a wii at home, 3h per week are enough) and you'll lose weight in no time and you'll be def healthier! It's almost impossible (or very unhealthy) to just diet, you have to exercise too to lose weight. I don't think you're fat based on what you said but you may become fat if you get more weight on unfortunately. Or you can at least try to maintain your weight at 60.

    As for clothes, my sister is also 156 and weights 63. She wears dresses, shorts and skirts + heels, she looks great. You should invest in some cute, loose dresses and wears dark or pastel colors. Maybe you should get a bob haircut if it suits your face shape and dye it in a nice color like red wine (a nice and bold haircut always makes you more stylish, trust me). The essential for a girl is to wear nice clothes, it always make her x10 more confident. And since you're short, you should also only sport XXL bag, big accessories and avoid anything flashy, skin-tight and God forbid leggings. Also, short clothes look really good on short and curvy girls! Once you get a nice haircut and nice clothes, you'll be much more confident even if you don't lose weight!

  • That's not heavy at all!!! Here is my favourite outfit, what do you think?