Want nose ring but I don't know if it would suit me?

I'm thinking about getting a nose ring but I'm not sure it would suit my style. I tend to dress slightly vintage, retro, often like Sandy from Grease! I am complimented on my pure look and innocent and oldfashioned face. A nose ring may ruin that look but I've always wanted one. I've thought about a very light end delicate gold ring. What are your opinions? Also, if I hate the nose ring, can I take it out and will it close up fast?


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  • If you don't like it yes you can take it out and it should close up, like any piercing or scrape, or cut. It's our bodies natural reaction to close all wounds. And I say go for it, if you want it do what you want. Don't worry about what other people say worry about what you say. It's not permanent if you take it out early it should close up faster than if you left it in for a few years. But it will close up yes, our body naturally tries to heal all wounds, and piercings to our bodies are considered wounds. Which is why they have you keep it in for awhile, to lesson the chances of it closing up, it can still close up after awhile but it will take pretty long.


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  • "Also, if I hate the nose ring, can I take it out and will it close up fast?"



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  • yeah it'd probably be cute. if you want it, get it lol. don't wonder if it fits "your style". if you're into it, then guess what, yeah it fits your style. if you get it pierced, its recommended that you get it pierced with just a nose stud, and then you can change it into a hoop after its healed if thats what you want. if you don't like it at all, you can take it out and it will eventually close up. it will be a tiny hole that isn't noticable while it closes up