How to look good in pictures?

well I'm a better than average looking guy, but I don't know why I come out messed up in pictures

so girls and guys how do you take pictures, or are you a natural at taking pictures


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  • I'm just like you, and always look kinda messed up or just not myself in pictures. I've tried all of the things sexcichick mentioned, so I guess I'm just not a very photogenic person. Look at it this way though, wouldn't you rather be someone that looks great in real life, but not so good in pictures? I think that's a lot better than being an ok looking person in real life, but great in pictures.


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  • hmm..try taking pictures from different angles, that's what I do:) and make different poses and when you take a picture have like a signtaure smile so take some tyme(5 minutes tops) and jsut practice smiling in different ways so that you can find out the smile that suits you best( open mouthed smile, closed mouth smile, smile to the side) Don't worry you won't look like a fool while your pracitisng your smiles in the mirror! ;) Oh and get photoshop that way you can change things you don't like about your pictures.

  • Im the same way, but I found that I look much better in group pictures. Its probably because you're just being you, and having fun so you look more comfortable. Try taking group pictures when you're just hanging with your friends, but you can crop it so its just you in the picture, unless you want you friends in it which is cool sometimes, but not always.

  • SMIZE- smile with your eyes. Think about positive thoughts that make you happy when you take a pic. that way you won't have that fake smile look, and you'll naturally radiate happiness which translates well into pics

  • Get a professional photographer.


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  • The camera only takes pictures of what is there. Don't like what you see, change yourself, not the way the picture is taken.

    • You should try taking pictures in multiple angles dude...

      a back picture wouldn't seem that bad...

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    • Oh, I didn't realize you were complimenting me on my sweet ass. (why else would I look better from the back?) Thank you my friend. I wasn't trying to be rude in my initial response, but apparently it came off that way? I just was wondering the point of trying to look different than the photos make you without help. Anyhow, I'm off, have a good day.

    • Yea whatever dude...