Wandering eyes!

I sit across from a certain guy in one of my classes. We talk and laugh, get along great, but he does this thing where he shamelessly looks at my breasts. Sometimes I wear shirts that are low cut but I try not to show cleavage, and if I do it is nothing to stare at.

What does it mean about the way he feels towards me? If you repeatedly look at a woman's chest, does it mean that you are attracted to them physically overall? Or do you not care as long as there are breasts involved?

If you actually liked a girl would you respect her enough to not think of her as just a pair of C cups? If not, is there something witty that I could say to make him stop but still like me as a friend?


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  • Guys stare at boobies. It's just a natural thing but its not always a lecherous thing. Guys are attracted to the shapes of a woman's body. It's like a tractor beam or a magnet. I really hate that society has become the kind of place where all the natural things should be shunned. :(


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  • As far as the respect thing goes, I would respect her enough to stare just as much as she respects herself to put herself on display. Don't get mad at the lion for jumping at the meat when you dangle it in front of him. Men are programmed to be attracted to such things, there is no hidden meaning behind it.

  • It depends on the guy overall. He could say and do one thing, but mean another. But that's just a male for you. And when I like any girl, I like her for her, not for what she has, or does not have.


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  • some guys honestly can't help it. I know a guy who had a habit of looking at every girl's butt when they walked by.and he'd stare at my boobs all during class.i think it's more of an involutary sexually charged habit than anything...don't fret.lol.