Why am I so intrigued by a pair of eyes?

OK, I don't know quite what's wrong with me today, but I work with a guy and today for the first time I really took notice of his eyes. They were so pretty (he's not gay and neither am I) but they were so pretty that I felt myself go week at the knees and try not to look at him anymore. And then tonight after work I was so happy and fluttering and stuff, and I feel like something is wrong with me I can't stop thinking about his eyes! what's wrong with me? has this happened with anyone else? Oh yeah, and he seemed like a jerk because I thought he was trying to boss me around when he was new, but I keep seeing him tip his hat at me every once in a while, and that's like a respect thing as to what I've heard. can anyone shine some light on this? I'm confused.

I have no answers yet... Please answer!


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  • You think he has nice eyes and it turns you on a little. What's the big deal?


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  • Sounds like somone has a crush! Even though you don't like his behavior you fallen in love with something in more then just the eyes. The eye's are a gate way to the soul someone once said. And sounds like he might like you as well.