I've tried to cover it up, but it won't go away. It's that obvious. I mean I'm not constantly gushing about Star Trek or computers or anything, but when it comes to the types of movies I like, the way I act in public, etc. it's still kind of obvious. Is there any way I can make this easier on myself? Cover it up or at least make it seem more endearing?


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  • Um can you try to get more involved in pop culture?

    Dress nicely. A lot of nerds I see have little to no sense of style and they are awkward. That is probably one the biggest hallmarks of nerdyness. Be confident, take care of yourself and your body. People are shallow so if you look good physically, your other traits will be more endearing.

    • Well, open plaid shirts over a solid T, and loose jeans or cords, and I always take care with matching colors. I always have a comb on me, and check up in the washroom when I get the chance. Not sure what you mean about showing confidence, though, cause I think I do most of the time.


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  • What do you mean by the way you act in public?

    Being nerdy isn't always a bad thing, some girls find it attractive. I think a guy has to be nerdy to some degree in order for me to be interested in him since I'm kind of nerdy myself.

  • Embrace your "nerdyness" :) (just like i did)


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