Do any other girls feel self-conscious about their fashion sense?

I have tried to develop a style for years, but I just can't get into it. I don't really have the confidence to have an in-depth style that describes who I am. I sort of wear a lot of black, classy, leather jackets, lots of red and black but very casual. I don't really know how to put outfits together. Like I don't really have the money for all of that stuff too! It makes me feel insecure when I see girls on Facebook with really good fashion sense, like I don't think I have a chance cause guys would prefer to go for the pretty girl with 1000 Facebook photos with amazing outfits and style. It makes me jealous, but its just not me. Does anyone else feel this way? Is it weird that I can't get into fashion?


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  • Me neither. You know, I have found that we women are harder on each other than guys. To a large extent, most guys don't seem to care. I have founded a trusted girlfriend to help me out.


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  • Don't worry or overthink your fashion. All you girls are perfect just the way god made you! (:


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  • I feel the exact same way. I'm like relying entirely on Pinterest for the next time I go shopping lol.