Why do girls cross their legs all the time?

Why do girls cross their legs all the time? Why do girls cross their legs all the time?


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  • lol. I have a habit of sitting in un ladylike positions, I don't see the point since I wear pants all the time. but when I went to the UK all my flat mates were constantly reaching over and closing my legs and telling me to cross them. if it's not for the sake of comfort, girls cross their legs for the sake of being modest. I'll bet it's almost bred into us since for ages women had to wear skirts and dresses.

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  • I do it because I get tired of having my legs in the same position for a long time. It becomes a habit after a while.

  • it's ladylike, my mom made me do it

  • I do it because I really love to wear skirts. And when I do wear those skirts, there are really only a select few positions to place my legs in in order to prevent anything from showing. I think after a while, it just more or less developed into a habit.

  • Its comfortable and so pervs can't c up our skirts.

  • its cumfy? lol I do sometimes get bored of the same position so I just sit normally with both feet on ground, sometimes I intertwine my feet, tuck them under my chair, sometimes I slouch back, sometimes I rest my feet on a stool or seat in front of me, whatever is comfortable! i won't lie it is very ladylike..but just coincidentally...it mustve started in the first place because it just felt cumfy...

  • lol, as I read this question I realized that I am too. Just comfortable I guess.

    • Haha thanks

    • Because they have cocks, which make it less comfortable, or so I would assume.

    • Is that all why don't guys cross they legs?

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  • Because its modest, they don't have cocks, and usually if a girl in a skirt sits there with her legs wide open its a hint that they are a tomboy or a slut...

  • guys do it to

  • I cross my legs, but lower, like at the ankles. or one ankle on one thigh. Yeah I just tried doing it girl style, and my balls get squeezed.