Genetics help please.

I've been thinking about this fora week or 2 I'm black a 27 on the Felix von Luschan Skin Color chart and I Have really dark brown hair looks black dark brown eyes what if I was to have a daughter by a Ginger haired girl with freckles, green eyes, and pale skin. here is why I ask I've notice that my mom and my aunts all have a dark auburn hair color my half sister and here daughters have a lighter auburn hair and my cousin is a black ginger and has freckles with about 26 on that scale with straight hair . My Grandmother has the same color as my aunts with the exception her hair is pure straight and not afro nappy


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  • scientists can use mathematical modelling on the probability of each expressed phenotype based on the gene's dominant and recessive effect and the type of interaction genes will have if they are on a particular chromosome - there are many combinations-it's not a straight forward answer. I believe melatonin related or kerotinocyte formation have different genes so it's a complex answer to access just on here. helps to take genetics


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  • Impossible or very difficult to predict: the genetic dominant hair color in the family of the father of your kid will count for 25 to 75%. The influence of the genetic dominant factors in your family will account for the rest. The result may be very different from what you expect, due to recessive genetic factors surfacing: genetics and heredity can give lots of surprises.