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I am a 40D and a size 12. I had my baby 13 months ago.. I've noticed the more weight I lose, the saggier my tummy and breast get.. UGH I've tried everything all the work outs. I'm hopeless. I've even started to wear spanx all the time to make my tummy look better (I had a c section and you can tell my stomach muscles are screwed through my shirt if I don't wear one)

What do you ladies do to make yourself look and feel good?


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  • My sister had a baby 16 months ago, and he was almost 9 lbs at birth, so she put on some weight during her pregnancy. She had a few problems afterward and decided to see a physical therapist, and she found out that the pregnancy affected her stomach muscles (I don't remember the specifics of it, I just know that they weren't contracting right). The physical therapist had her do a few exercises on a regular basis to get her muscles back to normal.

    You might want to talk to your doctor or a physical therapist about what's going on, because it seems similar to what happened to my sister.


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  • oh trust me I feel yea I had my son 3 months ago. thankfully I didn't have to go through the whole c-secion thing. I usually wear a tank top or something that fits really tight underneath and wear nothing but a push up bra. my body has definantly changed. but I think that is the only thing there is really to do is squeeze everything together lol. but you shouldnt feel bad. I'm sure your beautiful.

  • I gained a lot of weight in my teen years and now I'm trying to get it off. I've never had children but I look like it. I used to have a banging curvy body but I let it go to pot. I have an apple/ruler body type so most of my weight goes to my stomach and upper body. I have lost 40 pounds but my boobs aren't as full and perky as they used to be, they lost a lot of volume and my stomach still has fat on it but is saggy. I'm trying to build up my muscle mass and I hope that can help

    Don't give up. You are young so your skin should have elasticity so you can bounce back

  • I finally lost all the weight I gained with my son and he is 4 and I can tell you you will never look the same. I weigh less than I did before I had him although my breasts are bigger but they are saggier than before and I had a c-section as well in a few more years those muscles will regain some composure but I also really work them out hard. It takes time for your body to heal like I said my son is 4 and I have just regained my body so be patient and don't give up keep up those work outs they may seem like they are not doing anything now but later you will see the benefit.