I'm moving which do you suggest?

I'm deciding between these cities to move to. Atlanta is the closest to my family but its not a must. What do you think?

  • Atlanta
    17% (1)50% (2)30% (3)Vote
  • Boston
    67% (4)50% (2)60% (6)Vote
  • Dallas
    16% (1)0% (0)10% (1)Vote
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With all the snow currently in Boston, I'm gonna have to find an economical vehicle that can handle the weather lol.


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  • Well I think it depends on which one fits your personality and life style more! If you're into music and that artsy self-expression type thing then Atlanta for sure! There's some really neat little areas, little five points is my favorite!

    • Thanks. I want to get into both modeling and acting, so I'm looking for the best market for these fields with good acting schools.

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