I didn't ask her out today because of her hair?!?

Basically what this question says. I've liked this girl, and started hanging out with her about 2 weeks ago. So last night, a friend convinced me that it was time to ask her out.

So in the morning I see her in the hallway, and I see her hair. (It looked like it was wet and all curly, girls you know what I mean I just forget what its called). She has beautiful straight hair. Well her hair kinda threw me off, and made her (in my opinion) look kinda rough.

This was enough to keep me from asking her out today. Why did I feel this way? I have no idea, I mean I REALLY care for this girl, and I want a long good relationship with her.

Lol I don't even know how to read myself help please?



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  • well maybe it was the fact that you've never seen her like that so that kinda cough you by surprise so you didn't ask her out, but I would ask her out anyway if I were you even if her hair was like that, who knows maybe she likes that hair style so if she keeps her hair like that for a while you can't just avoid asking her out.

    • True, it really caught me by suprise lol, thx.


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  • hmmmmm. I've always told myself that if a guy can't except me at my worst, then he doesn't deserve me at my best. that shouldnt have kept you from asking her out. there will be many days when she's not gonna look picture perfect. my fiance has seen my in sweatpants, my hair thrown up in a messy ponytail, and no make up on. and he still loves me. I don't know if I've helped at all, but I hope I did lol

  • Well its only hair so just go ask her out tomorrow


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  • I could see how her different appearance could throw you for a bit of a loop, but it's only hair - I bet she's still the same cool person who wants you to ask her out. :-)