Will good looking guys get shy when it comes to beautiful girls too?

OK I've heard people say guys will get shy or intimidated by beautiful girls,because they don't date much or don't have much successful dating experience,but consider a hot,or cute guy,will he be too shy to approach a pretty girl too?


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  • i just don't feel I am worthy I get really shy

  • Definitly true in my case :(

    • Yes, I am a good looking guy, but I ALWAYS get extremely nervous and shy around gorgeous girls...... Pretty sad honestly.

What Girls Said 1

  • Just like pretty girls who are insecure with themselves, the same can go for a guy. Any guy, pretty or ugly can get any girl if he is confident and has a great personality, but if they can't see that within themselves, then they can be intimidated by girls, even if the guy is a 10 on the looks department...its all about confidence.

    • But usually if a guy really has a 10 point look...he ends up pretty confident doesn't he? because girls will constantly throw themselves to him

    • Not really, there are some people who are 10 but are still insecure or don't think they are a 10..even if girls throw themselves at him....but he probably won't have to work so hard because girls just gravitate to him...