(Girls) What stores do you shop at, and any advice/tips?

I was really bummed out today because I couldn't find much clothes that matched my style at this mall. I don't like frilly, girly, flowery stuff but that was at the majority of the stores (forever21, H&M etc) I like edgy mature looking clothes and maybe even grunge (NOT GOTHIC). similar to this youtuber named Claire Marshall's type of fashion




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  • most guys don't "shop" if I have to be at a store more then 15 min from the time I step out of the car to the time I drive away I am pissed. I park at the closest door to where I am going. I go in, find what I want, pay and leave.
    I usually have to go to JC Penny. I am 6'3" and 275. So i need big and tall. and since usually people that need my length are heavier then me, they are one of only 2 places that carry the waist I need. But they are WAY cheaper then the mens big and tall place. I mean I bought 15 of my favorite type of T shirts for $11 each. that was sweet. I buy shoes online since I can find them cheapest. I hate paying more then $40 for shoes. I just bought a pair for $33 and that included shipping.
    however my 3 boys are my size. so I have to keep them from stealing my clothes. lol...


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  • Kohls is really cheap. Areopastale too but they're more girlie girlish. Thrift stores can have some pretty good stuff and same thing about Walmart even though there stuff is sketchy. Forever 21 is amazing though, and has so much stuff that almost no one will have the same thing lol

  • I love urban outfitters! Their sale section really isn't expensive at all