What is a fashion faux pas?

I think I spelled it correctly lol


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  • A fashion faux pas is basically something that looks really stupid or that you shouldn't have done... it all depends on a person's POV... a faux pas that is glaringly obvious is when guys wear white socks when wearing a formal suit and formal shoes... that's a faux pas and it's the best I can come up with right now... :)

    Did you hear that in a certain context? because maybe I can help explain what it is... ?


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  • wearing more than one trend at once.

  • Wearing anything by Ed Hardy.

    • The clothes are hideous and ridiculously overpriced. Basically, the whole brand is a stupid fad.

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  • a Faux pas is a mistake. So a fashion faux pas, would be a mistake regarding fashion. IE someone didn't like the way another dressed so in that person's eyes they made a fashion 'faux pas' or mistake.

    • Just an example, it's considered a fashion faux pas to wear white after labor day...why on earth? I have no clue. I really couldn't care less what others think of the way I dress.

    • It's actually not a faux pas any more... lol, just thought you should know.

    • Lmao Thank you mormongirlmichi for letting me know. Goes to show you how much I keep up with that kind of thing, and how deeply I actually care about it eh? Heh