Any way than other to be cute?

Everyone just thinks I'm "cute". Not hot or sexy or extremely attractive. I think I'm kinda good looking (a bit more than cute maybe? ). So, Is there anything I can do to make me more sexy. I know that I do have a little bit of a low self esteem, and I do have depression. Any advice?


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  • Yes, there are things you can do. However, first you should work out your self esteem and depression issues. I had those issues until I learned who I was. The way I learned that was by talking to people and reading the Bible. Really you need to learn who you are in relation to God. Check these scriptures: Romans 3:10-23, Romans 5:8, 1 Peter 1:15, Isaiah 6:3

    Here is the deal. If you read those scriptures you will see compared to God we are evil and He is perfect. We are all bad but we do not need to feel bad because He loves us anyway. The creator of the whole universe loves you and proved it.

    My advice is to repent (turn away) from your bad things and ask God to change you. Read all about Jesus in the Bible and ask Him what He wants of you. Believe me, that will help you so much. It did for me.

    Finally, study the Godly picture of woman in the Bible. There are many good places but Proverbs 31 is the best.


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  • If you're cute hun then you're halfway there. You don't need to dress like a slut to be sexy. What you need to is to have some confidence. You need to realize that there are things that we can change about ourselves and things that we can't change. But dressing slutty will only attract shallow guys. And I apologize, I started answering this before I went to the gym. It's now 1:40am and I'm exhausted. Send me a message and I would love to give you a lot of advice on self confidence and how to really make yourself more attractive to attract guys!

  • Be confident and try to get rid of your depression everything after that is all hot stuff attitudes are extremely attractive so working out those issues and your going to be called sexy and hot in no time


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  • Maybe wear some more flirtatious clothing, like skirts or taller shoes.

    You obviously think about being sexy (i. E. Sex) so you actually are very sexy. Maybe you are sexually repressed and think you can't be or act sexy because you aren't pretty enough. I only say this because I have been there.

    Are you a capricorn? Because this is like textbook capricorn here. I have read that for capricorn women to feel sexy/good about themselves, they need a mate, who will then bring out these qualities in them.

    • No, I'm a sagittarius.

    • I think it's not really what you look like so much, but the way you act. I would maybe meditate on what you think is sexy, the archetype of sexy, cultivate your sexual nature, which will then affect your demeanor.

    • Lol when you were born has nothing to do with your personality, character or anything. It just affects when your birthday is. You are who you CHOOSE to be. If you want to have a temper, then you have a temper. If you want to be nice, then you are nice. YOU choose who you are.