How long do you have to freshen up lipstick?

Ok, I purchased some "long lasting" lipstick. It is supposed to stay on through meals and everything else. Now, it has been needed to reapply after eating at times. Is it because I am wearing gloss with it, or what? Is long lasting really long lasting? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  • I usually reapply after I eat or go out drinking. It's probably because you do wear gloss on it, gloss isn't long lasting!


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  • My lipstick comes off every 30 minutes.. not sure why.

  • Gloss definitely contributes to making lipstick less long wearing. For maximum longevity, use some type of primer or base (I use elf studio lip lock pencil). Line your lips and fill them in. Put on your lipstick. Take a tissue and split it so you have just one ply. Hold it over your looks and use a brush to dust translucent loose powder over your lips and tissue. It will set and matify your lipstick without changing the color or looking like you've used powder.

    • One of my friends had mentioned powder. It really works, huh?

    • Yes it does it prevents the lipstick from coming off onto your glass and makes them not "sticky." The only downside is your lips won't be glossy.