Fashion females and males (everyone who has a fashion sense) please can you help me?

OK here's the deal. I am going to a party in a week. I don't have any fashionable clothes (I only have jogging bottoms and vests). I need a shopping list. what do you girls like to see a "cool" potential boyfriend wearing and what do you guys think girls would like to see on you. (please don't put "wear nothing". it might seem funny but I need serious help. I have thousands of pounds so that's not an object. and if you have any tips on getting rid of spots, keeping off facial hair, etc... let me know please. thank you.


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  • Hope this isn't to late but I would say go for some jeans some nice casual comfy shoes and


What Guys Said 1

  • How 'bout you go pick out some clothes you like, wear them, and stay away from the superficial people that only like you for what you have on?