Guys, has there ever been a time when YOU were the one that was overdressed for a date? What did you do or say when you saw your date?

Typically, it is the the guy who gets the bad wrap for being "under dressed." I am just curious if the opposite has happened.

If so, guys what were you wearing and what did your date show up wearing?


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  • The last date I was on, I was dressed in "night out" clothes, but not fancy. We were going to a mexican restaurant and to a bar for a few drinks. So I show up wearing jeans, a night top, and heels. He shows up wearing clothes you'd wear for an interview. Khakis, tie, button down shirt underneath a sweater.

    He actually did have an interview that day so I asked him if he came straight from, and he said no. Turns out he just wears stuff like that regularly haha I thought it was a little odd for going out to a casual restaurant and bar, but mainly I just didn't think he looked that great in the outfit. The khakis were a little too tight and he looked a little out of place. Jeans and a button down would have been fine.


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  • happened to me several times. sometimes they wear coloured contacts and everything


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  • Wore a tuxedo to a school dance (the theme was "fancy"). She decided to wear " nice " clothes (they looked good, but they didn't match the theme of the dance at all). The rest of the dance was spent with her refusing to dance with me and her avoiding me until we left.

    • wow!! because of the difference in wardrobe?

    • I think so. I have nothing to do with her now, although she broke it off...