If you have discharge can it come and go? Can you have it on Monday and then be gone on Tuesday?

I have been doing laundry and seen stains on my gf's underwear, so when I asked her she said it was discharge. But she hasn't been wanting to have sex with me and constantly pushes me away, even for a kiss. So it has got me wondering. One day she has a big white dried patch in her crotch area the next day nothing. She used to initialize sex now she just doesn't seem interested in it at all. I have had problems with PE in the past and a couple times with her. So I'm starting to wonder if she just likes me cause I do everything for her and she's getting serviced other places before she come home. Or if the discharge is normal. The patch I saw was pretty big and wide. Any input would be greatly appreciated...


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  • totally normal, but usually if someone discharges there is a pattern. If that was a one time thing I would be a bit skeptikal. But it could be totally inoccent too. Its def. not evidence. Your feelings are usually more accurate than any piece of incriminating evidence you find.


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  • If she's pushing you away physically for sex or even for a kiss or cuddle then there's definitely somethjing wrong. Discharge or no discharge. but you don't know what it is - could be anything. I wouldn't go so much on discharge for evidence because she could just start wearing panty liners and you'd never see any discharge on her underwear anymore. What I'm trying to say is if you feel there is a problem and if she is not comfortable being intimite or affectionate with you then you need to go talk to her. Don't waste your energy looking for flimsy evidence like discharge - you'll see what you want to see.If anybody looked hard enough for evidence their partner was cheating they'd probably find it. People see what they want to see. Go talk to her. You won't know what's going on with her till you do.

  • Totally normal! There's a variety of different reasons, it could be because she's getting her period soon, or it just ended. She'll know if somethings wrong, and you can check in with her on that, but you shouldn't stress about it too much ;)

  • This is a probably a yeast infection and she may be sick.

    Let her do the laundry from now on.


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