Is it OK to flirt with someone who has a boyfriend?

I really like this girl in my class, and I have the confidence to talk to her and I am pretty sure she likes me at least a little bit. But I know she has a 22 year old boyfriend (she is 16). So is it OK to flirt with her? And is there a way to get her to like me more than her current boyfriend?


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  • Well think about this if you had a girlfriend would you like a guy to flirt with her?

    lets say you have a girlfriend & this girl told you she liked you.

    could she do anything for you to stop liking your girlfriend to like her?

    just put yourself in her position. You know?


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  • No is never okay to flirt with someone else's left overs. You can get burnt.


What Guys Said 2

  • Its never too late for anything. Any girl can be totally swept off her feet. If she finds it in you and you instill the same confidence in her as her boy friend then it really doesn't matter too much.

    As in to make her to like you, the balls totally in your court, I can't comment standing on a blind corner. But just remember if you do go for that, don't do antics that makes her remember the current dude; start being more closer "friends" if you can. ;-)

  • What if you were this boyfriend haha. Like cuteME said put yourself in this guy's shoes. I will say it is ok to be friends with her but anything more and you might find yourself in some trouble.