What's your favorite outfit when you dress up for your significant other?

Both Girls and Guys. What do you like to wear when your going out, or even just trying to look nice for your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/crush/whatever?

What clothes make you feel the most attractive and confident around them in a slightly less casual situation.

Me, I love a pair of heels, a nice sweater dress, and some pearl earrings with wavy hair.

How about y'all.


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  • My idea of dressed up is different then a lot of peoples

    When I dress up I spike my hair up with my bangs hanging down and to the right. black guyliner, tight drawing dead shirt, Blue Jeans with the right knee ripped out, My Etnis, Studded belt Buckeled on my left hip. Touch up my nail polish (black), studded bracelet on my left wrist, braided bracelet on my left wrist, black bandana tied around my right wrist, brass knuckle necklace.

    I don't do dress shirt and tie very often. Last time I did was to a concerty and I still had riped jeans and combat boots.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I like a girl in thigh-high hose and matching thong and bra. A nice skirt.

    The thigh-highs stay on after!

    • I was more curious about the outfit than the underwear, but hey, I can't lie and say a special outfit doesn't warrant special lingerie.

    • I guess I got a bit ahead of myself, eh??

  • I tend to dress in a way that most people consider 'dressed up' all the time. I've always been more comfortable in dress clothes than say a pair of jeans and tshirt. Even the times I do wear jeans it's usually with a nice dress shirt, sweater vest or some type of sport jacket. So anything in my closet, or rather strewn about somewhere, works for me.


What Girls Said 2

  • I love tight jeans...or well fitting jeans. I just feel so confident and comfortable in them! Usually with a nice polo shirt or something I like to wear like my favorite t-shirt

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. I love a nice, tight pair of dark wash jeans and a nice top. It's almost like a girl staple, no?

  • Heels makes me feel 10x sexier, like I'm some sexy superhero sent here to grace the world with hauteness lol

    Skinny jeans make me feel tough but still cute

    And a low cut shirt to show off the girls. Not too low though but just enough cleavage for going out

    And if my hair is done then I feel really gorgeous. It's mostly hair for me, I can be wearing t-shirt and jeans but if my hair is on point I feel unstoppable