Which is more offensive on an automobile, a metal scrotum on the trailer hitch or a Confederate Flag?

Which is more offensive? Why?

One is clearly indecent exposure. The other is a symbol of states rights.

  • Metal Scrotum
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  • Confederate Flag
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A metal scrotum would be displayed in public, for children to see, and laws are in place that prevent public urination, this doesn't violate your right to not look at testicles in public?
Our country was set up as a Republic recognizing human rights but had slaves. We're a Plutocracy now, harboring 25% of the planet's incarcerated population. You would fault the state function of secession?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't find either one offensive. People find anything offensive nowadays...

    Next thing you know, I hang up an American flag somewhere and suddenly I'm an ethnocentrist.


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  • I don't think that either is offensive.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I live in the country and I see the confederate frag a lot, which makes me kind of numb to seeing it, know? I don't believe in what it is taken to mean, but at least it won't raise too many questions from little kids. They don't need to see such things as option a in public.

  • They more tacky than anything, but if I have to choose one out of the two choices it be the flag, for the history behind it.

    • What history? If your referring to slavery , here's a news flash not one flag had any slaves

    • I didn't mention slavery at all in my post and actually don't find neither offensive I live in the south it's actually a very popular decal, but if I had to choose one between the two it be the flag for what it stood for in the past dealing with the civil war.

What Guys Said 3

  • A metal scrotum was never used to represent a group that wanted to maintain their "right" to enslave black people.

    The swastika was originally a Hindu symbol of peace, but that doesn't mean than I can just fly the Nazi flag all willy-nilly now does it?

  • I'd find both to be ridiculously stupid, but the confederate flag is definitely Italy more of an offensive symbol. It's not outright racist but it certainly has some racist connotations to it

  • i say confederate flag because of what the confederate stood for in the civil war but a lot of minorities hang confederate flags everywhere with out realizing that the confederate wanted them to remain slaves