How long will it take for my bangs to grow out?

I actually wanted these short-ish kim karsashian side bangs, but my hair dresser cut them way too short :( around my eye area. And that is just Not what i wanted. So how long would it take for my bangs to grow a little longer so it wil be at around ear length?


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  • It depends on your genetics and sometimes hair follicles, if you have oval/circle follicles meaning that you have straight hair then it shouldn't take to long to grow out because your hair can contain moisture without drying out fast like kinky hair, so maybe half a month?

    • I have straight hair! And it really doesn't take that long to grow but this is just driving me crazy:( i'm having a party in 3 weeks so i need to look good that day. And that's not going yo happen with this hairstyle

    • You can probably put it in another style or search up styles without bangs and just put yours back for the party, you can also take vitamin pills for hair growth and drink lots of water


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  • Depends on the person. Protein makes it grow faster

  • A few weeks.

    • What do you mean by 'few' weeks? 2-3 weeks, 4-5 weeks? I'm really sad about it.. :( i'm going to a party in about 3 weeks or so and i want to look good that day. do you think my bangs will look beter?

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