Embarrassing clothing size?

I'm from the UK and my top half is a clothing size 8/10 and my bottom half is size 12/14.. is this big? It might be different to where you are from. Does this sound big to you or is it a good thing?


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  • I am also in the UK... but a fair bit older than you so not trying it on or anything... just to be clear incase I come across that way at all.

    I like curves on a girl, I am not a fan of stick thin girls. I have a real love of a good bum, and so a 12/14 sounds great to me, and if your 8/10 on top, you sould like you have a good shape to you. As you get older things will change a bit more anyway, and you'll be great I am sure.


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  • you canot tell by just the size if someone's big or not... a pic could help basically

  • I'm small , I'm 5"6' and im the smallest in my rugby team but size wise I have probably one the highest waist sizes and requires the same size of tops as everyone else who's bigger than me


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