What are high and low rise jeans?

when ordering jeans online i got an option of high, mid and low rise jeans. Not sure what that is.


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  • I know this is women, but it's that same idea where high rise rest higher on the hip low rise sits lower on the hip

    • so the one on the right on the image above is low rise?

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    • I'm not sure because women don't have that problem

    • Yes low rise is smaller crotch area on men and women.
      From the bottom of the crotch to the waistline/top button is a shorter distance.

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  • Low rise looks better on everyone. High rise look stupid.
    Low Rise sits lower on hips, the material distance from crotch to waist is shorter. High rise reaches up closer to your belly button. If you look at low rise from the side, they slant downward toward the front. So the front part of the waist is lower than the back where as high rise will be equal height in front and back of waist.


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  • Its the length of the crotch seam to the top of the pants. It lets you decide where you want your "waist" to appear. If you're on the shorter side, go with a lower rise jean, but if you're taller I would go with a higher rise jean to help balance out your body. But of course get whatever is comfortable to you


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  • Low rise=sexy on chicks!